Dealing with stress.

By which I mean, my partner is stressed, and therefore I am beginning to feel stressed. Because it multiplies like that, lovely.

The problem is - well, the main problem is that I cannot readily solve any of her problems, and thus I am a bit stuck. Viz this little Catch-22:

She is tired, therefore she should go to bed and sleep.
If she goes to bed without me, she will become upset and cry, and thus not sleep.
If I go to bed at the same time as her, and read, she will be unable to sleep because of the light.
If I just go to bed and try to sleep, I will toss and turn because I am not at all tired.
Or finally, I stay up, and she stays up, until we reach some balancing point of the trade-off.

Additional bonus fun: she is avoiding decision-making because she is too tired, so said balancing act is all up to me. GAH

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