Resurrection etc

I want to keep this going a bit more regularly, so here goes with a shorter post, to get myself back into the swing of things.

Things to do:
1) collect "Marriage Authority" from Registrars.
2) get copy of Demon Haunted World (Carl Sagan) from departing student for £4.
3) book visit to the winery, for which we have paid, and which we can't seem to book. They'll probably say they're fully booked again and there's nothing until August or whenever... (yeah, yeah, okay #firstworldproblems).
4) Find a house in Birmingham. Step one of which is find a semi-competent estate agent in Birmingham, and yes thereby hangs a tale...
5) Find a job in Birmingham
6) Finish writing one of several ongoing projects.
7) Learn C#
8) Sleep. No, wait, there's a pub quiz tonight (insert other options more exciting than sleep here).

Now, 1) should be no big deal. Just a bit of paper, which if I damage or crush will get me murdered by an irate fiancee. That's fine, I run that risk every day anyway.
The second is purely a matter of turning up at the right time with £4.
The third is going to take a phone call that I'm really not feeling.
Then things get difficult. See why the list is in this order? Heh

1 comment:

  1. 1) Unnecessary, they'll bring it to the wedding.
    2) Done
    3) As predicted they're booked out. Have to see if we can get our money back.
    4) Done. Yes, tales did hang thereby, and they may even be told.
    5) Ummmm...working on it? :$
    6) 7) 8) Ditto